Steel Plastic Geogrid

The steel plastic geogrid uses high tensile steel wire(or  other fiber)specially handled and polyethylene(P.E) with other assistants. Then squeeze it our ant make it become composite high strength anti-pull belt and the surface has rough embossing then it is reinforcement earthwork belt, Warp knitting verticallu and horizontally using this single belt and welding the joint using a special welding technology to molding is reinforcemant geogrid.



  • The intensity is high and the distort is small
  • The wriggle is small
  • Anti-corrosive,anti-aging. The life is long, the geogrid take the plastic material as auxiliary protector enables it by each kind of assistant to have the antiaging, the oxidation susceptibility again, but acidproof, alkali,salt and so on adverse circumstance corrosion. Therefore, the stell models has the earthwork grill to be possible to meet each kind of perment work for 100 years above use need, and the performance is superior,the size stabllity is good.
  • The construction is convenient, the cycle is quickly short, the cost is low. The stell plastic complex geogrid to lay dowm,join.The localization is to be easy , to be smooth, avoid overlapping crossover, but reduces the project cycle effectively, save the building cost of projects by 10-50%


Widely used in railway, bridge, dock,retaining wall, dam to reinforce the soft soil and resist road surface crack.


High-Strength steel plastic uniaxial(Vertical)Geogrid
Property TGDG30 TGDG50 TGDG80 TGDG100 TGDG120 TGDG150
Vertically Limited Rally(KN/m)≥ 30 50 80 100 120 150
Vertically Limited elongation ratio(%)≤ 3 3 3 3 3 3
Elongation at 1% of the Rally(KN/m)≥ 23 38 63 81 98 125
High-Strength steel plastic Biaxial(Vertical and Horizontal)Geogrid
Property TGDG30-30 TGDG45-45 TGDG60-60 TGDG80-80 TGDG100-100 TGDG120-120
Two-Way Limited Rally(KN/m)≥ 30 45 60 80 100 120
Two-Way Limited elongation ratio(%)≤ 3 3 3 3 3 3
Elongation at 1% of the Rally(KN/m)≥ 23 36 48 63 81 98


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