PP Biaxial Geogrid Manufacturer

PP Biaxial Geogrid Manufacturer is an integrally formed structure, which especially designed for soil stabilization and reinforcement applications. PP Biaxial Geogrid is manufactured from Polypropylene, from the process of extruding, longitudinal stretching and transverse stretching.




PP Biaxial Geogrid Manufacturer Features:

  • High tensile strength at both longitudinal (MD) and transverse (TD) directions. It makes soil reinforced with its excellent structure stability and strong mechanical interlock performance


  • Roadbed reinforcement of road and railway,crack prevention,increase of roadbed strength;
  • Reinforcement and stabilization of riverside,embankment and side slope;
  • Dyke reinforcement on soft ground for stress evenness,sedimentation adjustment,increase of stability and loading capacity of fundus;
  • Reinforcement of the surface of road and bridge.

PP Biaxial Geogrid Manufacturer Specification:

Product Name PP Biaxial Geogrid
Material Polypropylene
Color Black
Standard ASTM
Type 15-15kn 20-20kn 25-25kn 30-30kn 35-35kn 40-40kn 45-45kn 50-50kn
Mesh size 33*33mm 39*39mm 65*65mm
Roll Width 2/3.9/3.95/5/5.9/6m
Roll Length 50m


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