Polyester PET spunbond Non Woven Fabric

Polyester PET spunbond Non Woven Fabric Feature:

Moisture-proof,breathable,flexible,light weight,non-combustion supporting, easy to break down, non-toxic,non-irritating,colorful,low cost and can be recycled reuse,etc.


Polyester PET spunbond Non Woven Fabric Specifications:

Polyester PET spunbond Non Woven Fabric is similar to filament yarn production. From the chips storage, the polymer is vacuum-fed to a dosing station on top of the extruder. Inside the extruder, it becomes melted and homogenized. Passing a filter system and a spin pump, the melt is fed into the spin beam or spinnerets, which form a curtain of filaments. The filaments are cooled by means of a stream of air in a blowing area, drawn by aerodynamic forces and then transported to the downstream discharge channel. For nonwovens, instead of a further stretching process for filament yarns, the filaments are swirled around and then deposited on the wire mesh belt as a random nonwoven. This web is transferred to a bonding calender that uses heat and pressure to set such physical properties as tensile strength and elongation of the final product. After cooling, the material can be wound.  

Weight 13-300gsm
Material 100% polyester
Width Max 330cm
Length Max 7500m
Roll Diameter Max100cm
Roll Weight 10-500kg
Color Varied

Polyester PET spunbond Non Woven Fabric Application:

  • Medical and health- surgical gowns,protective colthing,disinfection pack cloth,masks,diapers,cleaning cloth,wipes,wet face towels,magic towel,soft towels,beauty products,feminine hygiene and disposable healthy cloth,etc
  • home decoration-wall fabric,tablecloth,bed sheets,bedspread,etc
  • cloth-lining,fusible interlining,flakes,stereotypes cotton,various synthetic leather base cloth,etc
  • Industry-waterproofing rolls for roof,reinforced material,polishing material,filter material,insulation materials,cement bag,geotextiles,etc
  • farm-crop protecton cloth,seeding cloth,irrigation cloth,insulating curtains,etc
  • others-space cotton,sound insulation moisture materials,linoleum smoke,smoke filter,tea bag,shoes material,etc


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