HDPE Geocell

Geocell is reinforced by high intensity HDPE broadband, after the powerful welding face to become a reticular lattice room structure. It retractile,transportation can shrink fold super to,when using ,open and filling earth-rock,or concrete materials,constitute has strong lateral restrictions and taking degrees structures ,it can be used as a cushion,dealing with weak foundation bearing capacity , also can be laid on slope surface slope protection structure constitute, still can be used to build retaining structures,etc

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HDPE Geocell Features:

It is flexible to fold during the transport and installation on construction site. The geocell nets will be filled with soils, granular, cements or other on-site infill materials when stretched into web structures, which has powerful and rigid confinement in the lateral and vertical sides.

  • Material is qualitative light, wear resistance, chemical stability, light oxygen aging resistance, resistance to acid and alkali;Suitable for different soil and soil conditions, such as desert. 
  • Higher lateral restrict and prevent slippery, prevent deformation, effectively enhance the bearing capacity of subgrade and scattered loads.
  • Change the large room height, welding such as geometrical size can meet different engineering needs
  • Retractile, transport of small size; Connection is convenient, fast construction speed.


Application: Railway roadbed,solid roadbed,to bear the gravity of the dam wall,Shallow water for river training,Support for the pipeline and sewer,to prevent landslides and heavy-duty force by the retaining wall mixed,Independence for the strong terminals, such as dams room


Item HDPE plastic Geocell
welding distance 330-1000mm
Cell height


Color Black,brown,green,etc
Polymer Density High Density Polyethylene with density of 0.935 – 0.965 g/cm3 ASTM D 1505
Environmental Stress Crack Resistance

> 4000 hours   ASTM D 1693

Carbon Black Content Carbon black content 1.5% – 2.0%         ASTM D 1603                                               
Sheet Thickness Smooth:1.1mm,1.2mm,textured:1.5mm      ASTM D 5199                           
Cell Details welding distance:330-1000mm
Cell Depth 50-250mm
Seam Peel Strength As per US Army Corps of Engineer’s Report GL-86-19 Appendix A
Seam Hang Strength

A 100mm wide seam sample supports a 72.5 kg load for a minimum of 30 days in an ambient room temperature environment.


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