Coal Mine Underground Plastic Network Geogrid

The coal mine underground plastic network geogrid is a kind of double resistant plastic network. This product is convenient to operate with the advantage of low cost and beautiful outlook. The main features is that it is not easy to static friction and has good flame retardancy, anti-corrosion and it is convenient in the construction and transport to facilitate coal washing both vertically and horizontally to the carrying capacity.



It is made of Polypropylene  materials,through flame retardant,anti static treatment, the bi-oriented approach taken by the formation of the overall structure of grid network.

  • It’s not easy to cause attrition static friction. This plastic network geogrid surface resistance is below 109Ω
  • Good flame retardant performance. It can only melt but not burn in the fire environment.
  • It can facilitate coal mine washing. This plastic net density is about 0.92,less than the density of water.It can be washed off when broken.
  • Strong anti- corrosion, anti-aging
  • Facilitate the construction and transportation.  It is relatively soft so that it’s not easy to scratch workers in construction. And also it’s easy to curl bunding,tailoring, and has the advantages of light weight and easy to underground transport,carry and constructon
  • Strong carrying capacity in vertical and horizontal direction after extrusion and stretching process so the molecular structure of materials is re- orientated. The tensile strength of the materail is 2-3 times than before. The formation of two way stretch tendons and rib each other vertically, this structure enables the surface to exert pressure on the network node through effective transfer to the four ribbed tendons,thus greatly enhance the network capacity to face the overall pressure.


This product mainly used at the time of protection for the exploitation of coal mine and also can be used as anchor of roadway, roadway support, anchor spray roadway and other material support. When used in the fake top,be sure to use double deck koint above.



Quality of unit area,size,and deviation of plastic network used underground in the coal mine

Property HB PP25-25MS HB PP30-30MS
Area Weight g/m2 300±50 400±50
Roll Length m 5~50(+0.5)
Width m 4.0/3.5/3.0/2.5/2.0/1.5/1.0
Width Deviation m 0~+0.20
Mesh Size mm 40(±5)X40(±5)


Physical mechnical performance of the plastic network used underground in the coal mine.

No. Property Unit HB PP25-25MS HB PP30-30MS
1 Each Longitudinal tensile yield strength KN/M ≥25 ≥30
2 Each horizontal tensile yield strength KN/M ≥25 ≥30
3 Vertical yield elongation % <25
4 Horizontal yield elongation % <25


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